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What are your challenges within sex and love addiction? *

Prior to coming to S.L.A.A., did you seek treatment/counseling (medical, psychological, or spiritual) for issues stemming from your sex and love addiction? *

Did treatment or counseling play a role in your seeking help in S.L.A.A.? *

After being in S.L.A.A., did you seek or continue treatment/counseling (medical, psychological, or spiritual)? *

Did participation in S.L.A.A. help you gain more from your treatment or counseling? *

Who knows you are a member of S.L.A.A.? *

Do you belong to any other 12-Step Fellowships? *

How many S.L.A.A. meetings do you attend per week? *

Have you broken your bottom lines during your time in S.L.A.A.? *

How many times have you broken your bottom lines? *

Did you continue to go to S.L.A.A. meetings? *

What played the greatest role in your return to sobriety? *

How Important was your first S.L.A.A. meeting? *

Did you feel welcome? *

Do you belong to a home group? *

Is your meeting/home group registered with Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.)? *

Does your home group belong to an Intergroup? *

Is your Intergroup registered with F.W.S.? *

Do you have a sponsor? *

Has your sponsor worked all the Steps? *

Do you utilize any of the following in your recovery? *

What resources would help you to choose to sponsor? *

Have you worked through all Twelve Steps? *

Who did you work the Steps with? *

What areas of your life were adversely affected by your active addiction? *

How were these areas enriched by your recovery?

Daily Functioning *

Mental/Emotional Health *

Spirituality *

Family *

Relationships *

Sexual Health *

Friends/Social Connection *

Finances *

Career/Education *

Hobbies/Interests *

Has your life improved since you've been in the program? *

Which of these levels of service have you participated in? *

Which of the following Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.) services are you familiar with? *

Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.) is S.L.A.A.'s central services organization. Among other duties, F.W.S. publishes S.L.A.A. literature and newsletters, provides comprehensive meeting information, handles inquiries from the media and general public, and manages the Augustine Fellowship's website presence.

How often do you use the F.W.S. website? *

Do you visit the F.W.S. Online Store? *

The following questions will help us gain insight into the needs of our Fellowship.

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What is your education level? *

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What is your race? *

What is your relationship status? *

What is your gender identity? *

What is Your Sexual Orientation? *

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